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Vehicle Decor Options

by Jeffrey Newton / December 9, 2020

A little extra flare goes a long way. Check out our favorite decor combos and order yours today!

Don’t get us wrong – we think our vintage cars & buses are stunning on their own, but who doesn’t love a little extra flare? We’ve partnered with local calligraphy artist J. Lily Designs and florist Wimberly Fair to create custom decor options that fit our fleet perfectly.

We highly recommend ordering a custom message on your signage. It adds that personalization we all love AND you can keep it! Hang it on your wall at home as a reminder of the #bestdayever.

And because we do get asked quite often – we only allow decor on the vehicles that has been ordered through Lowcountry Valet. This is simply to protect the vehicles against damage from the materials used to adhere decor to the cars. We’ve worked closely with our partners to design signage & floral installments that use specific materials. Please let us know if you have specific ideas on colors or designs. We’re happy to work with you to get it looking *just* right.

Keep scrolling for some inspiration and examples of our favorite decor options + combos!

Example 1

Car with Wreath
Magnolia, ‘61 White Rolls Royce
Sign: Wood // Dark Walnut Wash // White Calligraphy
Window Calligraphy
Large Floral Wreath

Photographer – Natasha Coyle

Example 2

Car with just married sign
Penny, ‘49 Oldsmobile Convertible
Sign: Cream Cloth // Grey Calligraphy
Large greenery Garland

Photographer – Clay Austin

Example 3

Garland on Bus
Lucy, Blush Pink 1950s Bespoke Supercoach
Florals: (3) Large Greenery Garlands

Example 4

Couple in front of Bus
Lucy, Blush Pink 1950s Bespoke Supercoach
Sign: Wood // White Wash // Gold Calligraphy
Photographer – Charlie Martin

Example 5

Back of Bus
Lucy, Blush Pink 1950s Bespoke Supercoach
Window Calligraphy
Photographer – Dot Brantley

Click here to access information on all of our Travel Enhancements. And certainly reach out to our friendly sales team if you have any questions or need suggestions!

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