Dorothy, 1956 Supercoach


Behold our flagship vintage bus, Dorothy. As the very 1st of our custom Gen 3 models, we knew we had to step the game up in a big way. Dorothy is breathtaking to behold and a rolling work of art. Every single detail from engine to accents were meticulously planned and executed to perfection. Since we started refurbishing old buses, we always knew we wanted a dusty, powdered blue beaut! Dorothy however, got more than just a paint job. With a show quality paint job, custom pleated leather seats, bespoke porcelain tile floors, gilded gold vintage lighting and accents, premium sound system and….wait for it….AIR CONDITIONING**, one could say she’s a top notch kinda Gal.

Her Story:

We found Dorothy in California, owned by a private resident of the area. Reluctant to sell, it took some convincing to get him to part ways with her. We drove her across the entire country without a hitch..or at least we thought…

By the time we landed back in Charleston, she was just dumping black smoke out the tailpipe without hesitation. It seemed apparent to everyone; we were in for a long road ahead of us. We hoped the fix was something simple but in the end it turned out the engine was toast.  We called on our friends at Silverside Design to come to the rescue. Thus began the 18 month journey to get her where she is now. Dorothy was taken all the way down to her bare bones, disassembled and reassembled with everything from engine to lightbulbs being repaired and polished. It’s safe to say Dorothy has a new lease on life.

**Vehicle is equipped with an air conditioning system but is only there to assist in cooling guests. This system cannot cool the vehicle more than 20 degrees below the outside temperature.