Sunny, 1957 Crown Supercoach – 60 Passenger


1950s Bespoke Supercoach – 60 Passenger

Fun Extras


 Cool off your guests with premium water options. Bottled water $1/person , LaCroix $2/person


 Get a taste of Charleston with a hand picked selection of beers from local breweries. $9/person

Champagne or Mimosas or Wine $9/person

King of Pops Popsicles!

Exclusively available through LV+SC, King of Pops and Crooked Crown popsicles! What’s better than vintage buses and ice cold popsicles? Packages come in assorted flavors.

Regular $7/person – Strawberry Lemonade, Raspberry Lime, Chocolate Sea Salt, Cookies and Cream

Alchoholic $14/person – White Russian, Mexican Chocolate, John Daily, Strawberry Daiquiri

Floral Enhancements – Exterior

Wreath – A beautiful wreath of greenery with white or seasonal blooms will sweetly accent the front of the bus $250

Side Mirrors – Floral Clusters and streamers for side mirrors $200

Exterior Windows – 5 window bouquets will adorn the exterior of the bus on each side (10 total) $1000

Floral Enhancements – Interior

Garland Archways – 3 Lush greenery garlands create stunning archway as guest walk down the isle of the bus  $700 Add light florals +$525 Add light and statement florals +$975

Rear Window Arrangement – A gorgeous large floral arrangement is placed at the back of the bus along the rear seats and can be seen through the rear windows of the bus $300

Her Story

It all started with an idea.. Let’s make something beautiful that brings happiness and character to an event. Something nostalgic that just lights up the eyes and hearts of those who see it.  Sunny was our first bus restoration and boy was she something. Nerves were high, bank accounts were overdrawn. It was a huge risk but we were excited, and worried, and hopeful and stressed. No one has done this before!What if no one likes it??

Luckily for us, a couple people did. Not only was Sunny a success but she continues to turn heads and light up people’s faces whenever she rolls down the road. As with many first borns, we focused on the most important fundamentals and babied her to death. She taught us how to fix a scratch here and there without losing sleep and how to work around the unique challenges that an antique bus has. Sunny is the heart of our company – our first child – our most loved.

Photo Credits : Amelia & Dan Photography