Bernard, 1950-packard


Photo Credit : Hyer Images

Floral Enhancements Available:

Crush – A beautiful greenery garland handmade specifically for Bernard’s look and feel. $250 Optional add-ons : Bespoke Signage $150 Window Calligraphy $100

First Kiss – A pop of colorful and delicate flowers are added to garland. $425 Optional add-ons : Side mirror enhancements $75  Floral Wreath $100 Bespoke Signage $150 Window Calligraphy $100

Smitten – Statement florals are added to the “First Kiss” giving the garland a full and attention grabbing appeal. $575 Optional add-ons : Side mirror enhancements $75  Floral Wreath $100 Bespoke Signage $150 Window Calligraphy $100

Happily Ever After – This grand package includes all the best LV+SC has to offer. The “Smitten” garland, side mirror enhancements, floral wreath, and a bespoke sign/calligraphy of your choosing are included in this package. $825