Photoshoots and Film – Make a Statement with Our Vintage Vehicles

Low Country Valet’s fleet of vehicles includes some real works of automotive art, which is why those who require a bit of car-based class in their film and photo shoots turn to the company in such large numbers. Our company’s knowledgable staff has tremendous experience working with productions of all sizes, and they’re always ready to provide insights and advice to help find the perfect vehicle for the ideal shot.

Low Country Valet’s vintage vehicles have been seen in numerous notable productions in contexts ranging from engagement photo shoots to music videos and everything in between. What’s more, an experienced staff member is always on hand to assist so that clients get the most out of their productions. Although our company is well-known for providing the best Charleston wedding transportation, we just can’t pass up opportunities to show off our amazing fleet of vehicles and our courteous, friendly staff.

More Than Just Wedding Transportation in Charleston, SC

We’re proud to offer the best options for wedding transportation in the area, but Low Country Valet offers much more, particularly when it comes to showing off our unique fleet of vintage vehicles. We’re passionate about our classic cars, and we relish opportunities to work with people and productions that require a certain amount of old-school class.

In the Movies

When film productions need vehicles that evoke a certain time and place, they come to us. Our variety of vehicles is second to none. And we take such great care of our fleet, that even our decades-old models look brand new. If you’re looking to really make a scene in your next production, contact us and let us help you with the ideal piece of vintage automotive art!


We believe that any photo shoot can be enhanced by the presence of one or more of our vintage vehicles. Here are some examples of the types of photoshoots that our cars have been a part of:

  • Senior Portraits
  • Engagement Shoots
  • Pin Up/“Suicide Girl” type shoots
  • Modeling Sessions

A Top-Notch Crew is There for You

We care about our cars, and we also want to make sure your experience with our vehicles exceeds all expectations. That’s why we arrive early and ensure that a highly trained, experienced staff member is always on site for your production or photo shoot. With our help, you can get the most out of your experience, and know that you’re always going to get the perfect angle, light and setting to make the right impression.

The Top Choice for Vintage Cars for Your Film or Photo Shoot

Vintage Car Photo Shoot & Film Charleston SC.

Our vintage vehicles are amazingly photogenic, and they can add a lot to any production or photoshoot. If you’re looking for an affordable way to add vintage style to your next filmed or photographed adventure, call Low Country Valet today. We can’t wait to hear from you!