When it’s party time, you don’t have to stay in one place – you and your crew can take the party wherever you want to go when you rent a party bus from Lowcountry Valet!

Think about it – when you get the gang together for a night out, whether it’s for a bachelor/bachelorette party or a tour of Charleston’s hottest bars and clubs, using separate cars is a hassle. You have to worry about everyone traveling safely from spot to spot, and you’ve got to make sure you have designated drivers selected. Or if you decide to use cabs or popular ride-sharing apps like Uber or Lyft, getting everyone together and traveling as a pack to different places throughout the city is a logistical nightmare.

But when you rent a party bus, you get to keep your group of revelers together all night long. Plus you get to keep the party going when you’re in between hot spots. Best of all, your party bus is driven by a friendly, professional driver who knows how to make sure you have a great time while staying safe and sound.

So, What’s a Party Bus?

A party bus is much more than just a people mover. It’s a party on wheels that features games, lights, music and all the food and drinks you need to satisfy your group. With the capability to fit ten or more people, a party bus is the perfect transportation choice for your next Charleston get together. And you get to choose just how wholesome or decadent you want your ride to be.

You Get to Set the Mood

One of the coolest things about party bus rental Charleston SC is that the bus serves as a vehicle for your vision. You get to choose the music by mixing your very own party bus playlist, and you get to determine the types of refreshments that are available onboard. You also have the opportunity to plan the route that gets you from point A to point Z and all the places in between. But if you’d rather not take on all of that responsibility, you can also just sit back, enjoy yourself and let your professional driver curate the course of your party bus experience in Charleston.

Breaking Down the Party Bus Perks

So, you’re interested in having a perfect night out with your special group. And you think a party bus might be the perfect vehicle for your outing. You should go for it, and here’s why:

#1 – You Don’t Have to Worry about the Designated Driver Issue

Although selecting a designated driver is the responsible thing to do, it means someone from your group has to hold themselves back from the fun. But when you rent a party bus, a professional designated driver is part of the package. This means no worries because your driver is trained to keep you safe while showing you a great time. All you have to do is let go and have the time of your life!

#2 – Transportation as the Destination

The party bus has everything you need to enjoy yourself with your crew. Awesome lighting, great music and tasty refreshments are all there for you, making the party bus perfect for events like bachelor/bachelorette parties, transportation to sporting events or whatever else you might have in mind.

#3 – No Distractions

When you and your group go out using separate vehicles, it means that you have to deal with a number of distractions and hassles like parking, traffic and more. When you rent a party bus, you don’t have to worry; the party continues even when you’re in between hot spots.

Are You Ready for Party Bus Rental Charleston SC?

If you’re ready to have some fun with a special group of people, you have to consider party bus rental! It’s an experience that keeps the fun going, keeps you safe and helps you ensure that you have a time that no one in your group will ever forget.