Charter Bus Rentals Kiawah Island

Charter buses are a safe, reliable, economical way to meet your transportation needs. Charter Bus Rentals Kiawah Island offers transportation solutions for employee parties, corporate retreats, homecoming celebrations, and more.

How much does it cost to charter a bus?
That big corporate retreat or planned event approaches, and you need a way to move a lot of people around economically. A charter bus looks like an appealing choice, especially when you consider the long security lines and high prices of airline tickets. But how much will be renting a charter bus really cost you? Do you pay by the mile or by the hour? Are there hidden costs?

The short answer: “it depends.” The one thing you should remember when considering a charter bus is: the longer the trip, the more money you’ll save. Read on to find out why.

Local Area Charters
Charters that involve transporting groups around a Kiawah Island area — or within a radius of about fifty miles — usually charge by the hour. Many charter buses require a minimum rental time of four or five hours.

In addition, there’s what’s called “garage time,” the time required for the bus to get from the yard to the pickup point. This is included in the rental fee.

For example, a four-hour rental of a 55-passenger charter bus runs per hour. The total cost would be for four hours, plus for the garage time). Additional hours are each, and partial hours are billed as whole hours.

This might seem expensive, until you compare it with the cost of your average taxi fare. An average cab ride in the city costs an hour for one passenger, not including a tip for the driver. By comparison, a charter bus costs per passenger for people. Quite a difference!

If you have a mid-sized group and are looking to save money on a shorter journey, such as a field trip or corporate event, consider renting a school bus or a minibus. They aren’t suitable for every occasion, but the rental will cost will be less than the price of renting a coach bus.