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September 2016

Transportation in Savannah Just Got Classier!

People in and around Charleston, South Carolina have come to depend on Lowcountry Valet when they need something a little different — and a lot classier — than the standard transportation options. Brides and grooms have partnered with us to help them make their special days even more spectacular. Executives have lauded our ability to […]

Firefly Distillery and Lowcountry Valet — Partners in Southern Hospitality

Discerning vodka enthusiasts in the south — and all over the country — recognize Firefly as a producer of some of the finest spirits around. The distiller is well known for its ability to combine traditional tastes and styles with new flavors and flair, making it one of the Charleston area’s most unique homegrown brands.

Likewise, […]

July 2016

3 Ways Low Country Valet Makes Wedding Transportation Great

When it comes to planning the perfect wedding day, there are a number of absolutely essential aspects. Obviously, finding the right venue is crucial, as is ensuring that the guest list is curated perfectly. And setting the right tone for the day through music, floral arrangements, decor and dress is going to be at the […]

Lowcountry Valet and the Best Bus Ride of Your Life

Do you remember riding the bus to school? Did you have to take the bus to get around the city when you were a young adult, maybe rode it with your mother to the super market? Chances are you laughed, yelled, held hands with your crush and learned about life along the way. Maybe you […]

Stylish, Classy and Timeless — The Lowcountry Valet Vintage Vehicle Fleet

Our culture is all about the next new thing. And with the world changing so quickly these days, today’s big thing will feel like a distant memory by the time tomorrow comes. The word “modern” has taken on a whole new meaning in our fast-paced world, and it’s evident in everything from clothing to food […]

March 2016

Go Beyond The Stretch Limo With Unique Wedding Transportation

For some couples, there’s nothing more ideal than wedding-day transportation in a classic stretch limo. It’s hard to argue with their logic — a stretch limo is a luxurious, comfortable and classy option, and you can’t go wrong arriving at the reception and stepping out in style from behind the vehicle’s darkly tinted windows and […]

Four Tips for Finding the Perfect Lowcountry Wedding Transportation

A number of factors need to come together perfectly to create the ideal wedding day experience. Selecting the most appropriate venue and curating the guest list are crucial. Setting the tone with the right music, whether it’s from a band or a DJ (or some combination) is also critical. And you can’t forget the food, […]

Executive Transportation — The Importance of Choosing a Professional

If you’re a busy executive, you don’t have time to waste. Unfortunately, arranging for ground transportation between flights, meetings and other engagements can turn out to be a huge hassle, especially if you’re attempting to get things done in an unfamiliar city, or if you prefer to use vehicles that aren’t typically utilized for executive […]

August 2011


While valet parking was paying the bills, it wasn’t something we were truly passionate about. We had already started implementing shuttle transportation into our private event services but we wanted to do something different. Something special.

With a passion for vintage cars, wouldn’t it be nice to balance the high cost of ownership by sharing them with […]


Aye. Who are we kidding. We had ONE restaurant under contract as a valet parking client. You better believe we were grateful but it just wasn’t enough. We were ambitious and motivated and we wanted to build an empire of valet parking chains to take over the world!!!….or something like that. As we prepared offer […]