Airport Transfers Columbia

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Your holiday’s all booked and you can’t wait to get to the hotel and ditch your suitcase – but have you given any thought to how you’re going to get from airport to accommodation?

It’s no fun trying to negotiate public transport when you’re exhausted, jetlagged, hot and have a hefty suitcase to grapple with, so booking an airport transfer in advance is a smart move… it could save you time, hassle and money.

Key points
An airport transfer can get you from the airport to your destination – and back – with the minimum of hassle

The options you’re offered will depend on your destination and group size

If available, you’ll see a selection of private or shared transfer options to choose from

Shared airport transfers

For singles, couples and smaller groups, it’s usually cheaper to share an airport transfer service with a number of other passengers.

The size of the vehicle will vary and includes people carriers and large minibuses. In general, larger vehicles with more people sharing tend to be cheaper per person.

The main drawback of shared airport transfers is that they’ll usually take a little longer to get you to your hotel.

Firstly, the transport has to wait for all the booked passengers to collect their luggage, get through the airport and find the transfer bus.

Secondly, there might be a long list of hotels to drop off at, one after the other. That’s not a problem if you’re the first on the list, but if your accommodation’s last you could find it’s quite a roundabout journey around town.

You’ll be given an idea of the journey time when you book though, and shared transfers are still a pretty efficient way of getting to your hotel, as well as usually being a great money saver.