People in and around Charleston, South Carolina have come to depend on Lowcountry Valet when they need something a little different — and a lot classier — than the standard transportation options. Brides and grooms have partnered with us to help them make their special days even more spectacular. Executives have lauded our ability to provide on-time professional transportation in amazing vehicles. Film and television producers have also put us on speed dial for when shoots and other productions need something a little more special in the automobile department. And when limo service is needed around Charleston, people know they can trust us.

Our services are beloved by people in the Charleston area, but now we’re expanding so that people in the historic city of Savannah can experience the amazing service — and unmatched selection of vehicles — that we can offer.


A Commitment to Great Service

People who live and work in the Savannah area get to experience a unique existence that’s unlike anywhere else in the country — or the world! Because we value great service, true “Southern Hospitality,” and a commitment to excellence along with an eye toward providing only the finest vehicular experiences, it’s only natural that we would open up an office in Savannah, giving the city’s unique denizens an opportunity to match their events with vehicles that are up to the task.

Now, Savannah residents can experience what the people of Charleston have known since we’ve been operating there — Lowcountry Valet is the class of the transportation industry in the South!

It all starts with great customer service. You’ll be treated like royalty from the moment you call our office to inquire about our amazing vehicles until we drop you off at your final destination and beyond. We are experts at providing the finest service and anticipating our customers’ needs, and we can’t wait to show Savannah what we’re all about!


Classic and Modern Vehicles

What really makes us stand out is our fleet of vehicles. We’ve got something for everyone, including vintage buses and getaway vehicles. We also feature modern automotive marvels for those who want to step out of a limo that looks like it just rolled off the assembly line!

When you work with Lowcountry Valet in Savannah, you will be treated to an experience that will transform what you thought was possible from a transportation company.


Learn More!

Are you interested in finding out why Lowcountry Valet is the new leader in Savannah transportation services? We’d love to talk to you and and hear your transportation ideas for your upcoming event. Call us at (843) 810-0107 to learn more and to introduce yourself. We’re looking forward to your call!