Discerning vodka enthusiasts in the south — and all over the country — recognize Firefly as a producer of some of the finest spirits around. The distiller is well known for its ability to combine traditional tastes and styles with new flavors and flair, making it one of the Charleston area’s most unique homegrown brands.

Likewise, Lowcountry Valet is known around the region as a singular provider of transportation services for weddings, professional events, film, television and more. Our stable of vintage vehicles and one-of-a-kind cars sets us apart from other area transportation firms, and people around Charleston trust us to provide not only transportation, but a full-fledged, memorable experience!


Recently, we’ve partnered with Firefly Spirits in a way that’s sure to be exciting for those who want to experience both the magic of the distillery and the comfort and class of our vehicles.



Experience True “Southern Hospitality” On Your Firefly Distillery Tour


The Firefly Distillery, which is located 30 miles from Charleston, SC, is known as the birthplace of Firefly Spirits. Its remote location away from the hustle and bustle of the city on Wadmalaw Island is enticing to vodka and spirit lovers in the area, and it adds a ton of character to the brand’s identity. Founders Jim Irvin and Scott Newitt had a clear vision for their unique brand’s location, and it inspired the creation of Firefly’s signature masterpiece: Sweet Tea Vodka.


Firefly’s unique spirits have caught the attention of discerning drinkers from around the world, giving the Charleston area additional cachet as a destination for those who enjoy fine libations. The distillery is open for visits and tours, and if you make the trip, you can meet and greet the whole “Firefly Family” while enjoying the freshest samples of the distillery’s many amazing offerings.


If you’ve ever wanted a reminder of what “Southern Hospitality” really means, a trip to Firefly will give you what you need!



Riding In Style to Wadmalaw Island With Lowcountry Valet

Lowcountry Valet is well known for its huge fleet of unique vehicles. From classy modern machines like our BMW 740LI and our brand-new Chevrolet Suburban LTZ to our vintage vehicles, which include some of the most striking, eye-catching and comfortable vehicles in the entire South, we can provide the perfect vehicle for anyone’s taste and budget.


Now we can give you the perfect — and perfectly safe — ride to Firefly Distillery so you can experience comfort and ease all day long.


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