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July 2016

3 Ways Low Country Valet Makes Wedding Transportation Great

When it comes to planning the perfect wedding day, there are a number of absolutely essential aspects. Obviously, finding the right venue is crucial, as is ensuring that the guest list is curated perfectly. And setting the right tone for the day through music, floral arrangements, decor and dress is going to be at the […]

Lowcountry Valet and the Best Bus Ride of Your Life

Do you remember riding the bus to school? Did you have to take the bus to get around the city when you were a young adult, maybe rode it with your mother to the super market? Chances are you laughed, yelled, held hands with your crush and learned about life along the way. Maybe you […]

Stylish, Classy and Timeless — The Lowcountry Valet Vintage Vehicle Fleet

Our culture is all about the next new thing. And with the world changing so quickly these days, today’s big thing will feel like a distant memory by the time tomorrow comes. The word “modern” has taken on a whole new meaning in our fast-paced world, and it’s evident in everything from clothing to food […]