A number of factors need to come together perfectly to create the ideal wedding day experience. Selecting the most appropriate venue and curating the guest list are crucial. Setting the tone with the right music, whether it’s from a band or a DJ (or some combination) is also critical. And you can’t forget the food, which can truly make or break a wedding day.

Among the most important things that should not be ignored in Charleston is your wedding transportation. Too many couples make this important factor an afterthought, and it ends up removing the luster from an otherwise picture-perfect day.

If you are planning the perfect Lowcountry wedding, you need the perfect Lowcountry wedding transportation! Here are four simple tips to help you make the best choice for your big day:


#1 — Hire a Professional

This one should go without saying, but it’s easy to see the temptation couples have to cut costs, particularly when a friend or family member offers their less-than-professional services. Low cost services tend to be tied to not only low quality equipment but low quality service as well. In our industry, you defiintely get what you pay for so hire a pro and know that you’re going to have an awesome experience! Did we mention that we provide major transportation for over 1500 weddings a year? It’s kind of our specialty.


#2 — Read the Contract Carefully

Planning a wedding is hectic, which is why you might not feel like you have time to read contracts carefully. Transportation is important, it’s the back bone of your entire day, so you can’t afford to simply skim the contract. Read it until you understand exactly what it says, and then ask questions if necessary before you sign. Be wary of contracts that don’t protect your interests, being that you may only be in Charleston for just your wedding, make sure that you aren’t stuck with the bill if the company fails to deliver. A vague contract is the first sign that you should ask questions.


#3 — Don’t Forget About Photo Ops

Your wedding is an event that you want to make sure is documented well. So when you select transportation, be sure to account for your photographer. They should have a seat in the vehicle, and they should be included when discussing photo ops with your party and your driver. What easier way to photograph the group together than while on a beautiful antique bus riding to the wedding?! We’ve had some of our best photos come from doing just that.


#4 — Consider Entry and Exit

This one has multiple meanings: You want to select a wedding transportation option that ensures that you turn heads when you leave the ceremony and when you arrive at the reception. The night is great for the send off but the day time is when you get those beautiful golden hues of sunlight. Make an entrance with and wow your guests with a beautiful parade of vintage cars or one big nostalgic bus. The faces of the grandparents in the group is worth it alone. Nothing beats a classic!


The Ideal Lowcountry Wedding Transportation

If you’re looking for wedding cars in the Lowcountry, we have everything you need to ensure that travel on your big day helps create the perfect experience. Call Lowcountry Valet today at (843) 810-0107 to learn more.