While valet parking was paying the bills, it wasn’t something we were truly passionate about. We had already started implementing shuttle transportation into our private event services but we wanted to do something different. Something special.

With a passion for vintage cars, wouldn’t it be nice to balance the high cost of ownership by sharing them with others?

Cue le lightbulb.

As fate would have it, our idea was nothing more than something else out of our budget and we needed a way to get it off the ground. Enter Mr.Cromer .

At a wedding we were providing shuttle services for, a slight rumble could be heard in the distance. Soon that rumble became a roar as a cherry red 1966 GTO pulled into the residence. The driver, a man in his 60s with white hair parted perfectly down the side complimenting his classic black tux. The moment he exited the car, his face lit up revealing the smile of a young soul under the rugged lines of a life fully lived. His accent was a warm tone only found in the south.

We liked him immediately.

After a brief chat, it wasn’t hard to see that he shared the same passion for antiques that we did. We shook hands and thus began our first vintage car to offer the public.