Jasper, 1958 Bus


We are so pleased to announce the second bus in our 3rd Generation series. Jasper pay tribute to an earthier, wholesome feeling that we’ve been intrigued by for some time. Stepping away from the bright pastels, Jasper’s sage green exterior brings a feeling of serenity as it pulls onto the scene. Every single detail, from engine to accents, was meticulously planned and executed to perfection (as has become our standard). Jasper’s interior is inspired by the strong sailing culture thriving in the Charleston area, and working on him allowed us to push past our current limits and dive deeper into our craft. Step inside this bus, and you’ll notice the navy blue pleated leather seats with white piping elegantly lit by our latest design of solid brass globe lamps and porcelain floors made to imitate beautifully weathered white wooden planks. The rear most seat of the bus has been expanded to provide a beautiful staging area for capturing you and your closest friends; in a bus this beautiful, you’ll definitely want to grab a photo!


His Story:

We found Jasper (and a few friends) in California, at an auction. After inspecting them, we found (to our great relief) that these buses were in excellent condition and just needed the right person to come along and inspire them back into their former glory. And we’ve done just that. 14 months from purchase, Jasper is now ready for his debut and he is a stunner.