Bonnie, 1955 Crown Supercoach – 56 Passenger



1950s Bespoke School Bus – 56 Passenger

Beautiful Bonnie. Things were going great with Sunny, people loved her and we had achieved our goal of creating something beautiful but a thought popped into our head..what if something happens to Sunny? What will we do?
Of course, we were already hungry for another build but the idea of not having a backup plan really hit home. It was as good an excuse as any so we began plans for our second girl. This time around we were a bit more prepared than before and we were able to complete Bonnie in a matter of 5 months. (Sunny took 2 years!) We were so excited that we literally drove both buses around just to see them side by side. You may have been one of the drivers honking at us on the road as we hung out of the car taking questionable photos with them in the background. Sorry about that.
Bonnie is our middle child. She is the child that hugs us when we are feeling stressed and can often be seen riding along behind Sunny with a group of other happy people hanging out the window taking questionable photos 🙂


Photo Credits : Brandon Lata Photography